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Believers Who Believe In Ungodly Things.

It is amazing the things you can learn, about people you know, and thought you knew well, simply by listening to conversations around you.  It is also amazing to realize that good, Christian men and women fall prey to the wiles of the enemy.  When they begin to believe in ...

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Why Engage in War?

Arriving by boat, the gentlemen stepped onto the shore and encountered a not so warm welcome. “What do you want with us…Have you come here to torture us? Taking a step forward as the others took a slight step back, the righteous man replied, “Go!”, and the demons fled. (Specifically ...

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What is Spiritual Warfare?

In the previous article, Are Ghosts Real?, I established four main points about unclean spirits otherwise known as demons, evil spirits, or fallen angels. I also introduced the notion of spiritual warfare and how unclean spirits are working for Satan, the ruler of this world we currently live in. So, ...

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Are Ghosts Real?

You are home alone. Something makes an unusual sound that you have never heard before. Bump. You jump up off the sofa and your mind wanders to the worst-case scenario. Maybe it’s a ghost! But, ghosts can’t be real, can they? I mean, are ghosts really real? No, but demons ...

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