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How Words of Knowledge Release Deliverance

In my last article, I wrote about a gift of the Holy Spirit called discerning of spirits. This gift is critically important to the body of Christ. It helps distinguish between what is of the Holy Spirit and what is a counterfeit. And it is a powerful aid to the ...

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How Mixture Creates Confusion in the Church

In my last article, I described the two sources of supernatural power: God and Satan. Supernatural activity must not automatically be rejected or accepted, but must be tested to determine whether or not it is from God. We must embrace the Holy Spirit in all of His supernatural gifts, but we must not ...

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How to Detect the Presence of Demons

Being able to detect the presence of demons is a key part of setting people free from their influence. And since demons like to remain in the darkness, influencing a person without being recognized, it is not always obvious when they are at work. How can we discern when these ...

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