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Sale: Best Price of the Year

I don’t know about you but the words “best price of the year” cause me to perk up. I may have been half listening before but suddenly, I’m all ears. Five minutes ago I was not even considering purchasing this item, but now I know I desperately need it. I ...

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What Vincent Saw:The Painter’s Faith

  He painted in brilliant colors, full of energy and light. He captured what his human subjects seemed to be feeling, and brought life to fields of flowers and   twinkling  stars in nighttime skies.  Yet he suffered from mental illness, failed at his heart’s desire to become a preacher, ...

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I Don’t Want To Change My Lifestyle!

Fear. Uncertainty of what the future may hold. Pride. All are ways that the spirits of darkness hold us back from our heart’s desire to change. “What will they think of me?…I’ve been this way for so long…They’ll think I’m crazy, gone off the deep end… They might even call ...

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Oranges and Childlike Faith

This is a story, set at Christmastime, about a little girl who lived in central Illinois and sent a letter to Santa in December, 1908. She graciously forgave him for overlooking her home the year before, blaming it on the smallness of the stockings at the family fireplace—too hard to ...

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