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The Jesus Plan

Unrest around the globe has been a constant in varying degrees for as long as people have inhabited the earth. Taking a journey through the annals of history one can see it is evident that ‘world peace’ has eluded us. There have been relatively peaceful times. There have been horrendous ...

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God’s Protection Over Israel In The Gaza War

God’s Protection Over Israel In The Gaza War By John Livingston Clark Can God deflect missiles? Has God shown His miracle power on behalf of Israel in the Gaza conflict? Read the following account by a commander of the Iron Dome, Israel’s defense system. “A missile was fired from Gaza…” ...

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Playing Pranks …Waging War

TP-ing, it’s one of the favorite ‘harmless’ pranks of teenagers (and even some adults.) It is the act of throwing rolls of toilet paper into trees, bushes and yards. It can be done as a friendly prank or it can be done as an act of revenge. One can even ...

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