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Do You Know Who You Are?

We all have purpose, but having purpose and fulfilling it can be two very different things. Knowing who we are, understanding the direction to take, and seeking the right guidance on our way down the path we have chosen are all important, but it’s also helpful to realize that identity ...

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Modern Feminism: An Identity Crisis

Last month a young college woman wrote an op-ed piece describing the details of her plight to be “taken seriously in an age of subtle sexism.” The article revealed, perhaps more than she realized, why that may be happening. I have to wonder, when did we start raising a generation of ...

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My Jesus Journey (Pt. 4) – Victorious Over Temptation

I can see Matthew’s contemplative response as he thinks back on his adventures with Jesus.  This time he is relaying Jesus’ handling of  temptation. Jesus had to face temptation to be able to empathize with our plight as we come face to face with various temptations.  Hebrews 2:18 confirms this.   ...

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