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Beauty in God’s Eyes

My great-grandmother was beautiful. Her given name was Margaret Mary, but she was known as  “Pretty Marie” from the time she was a girl. Her curly hair was raven-colored, piled high on her head, her eyes large and deep brown in color. She had very defined lips, curved in a ...

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How Does God Define Beauty?

Have you ever given thought to  how God defines beauty? Most of us would readily agree that His definition is nothing like the ideals imposed on us by society! The corset is a “fitting” example of this ideal.   A stiff, constricting undergarment designed to change the shape of the ...

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What Are The Latest Trends In Beauty?

Keeping up with the latest trends in fashion this year may prove to be more painful than wearing your first pair of Stiletto’s. Straight off the Paris runway this past week included Riccardo Tisci’s visionary into the “Givenchy fashion house. His Paris Fashion Week show featured models with bejeweled faces”(Entertainthis.com). Adorned with jewels placed ...

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Kids Who Care

Like many boys his age, 9-year-old Hector Montoya of Grand Prairie, Texas, wanted a Playstation 4. He had been able to save $300 from his allowance money when he heard about a fatal house fire. He decided to forfeit his Playstation, in turn spending the money on 100 smoke detectors ...

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Butterfly Potential

I walked past the little shrub at the corner of Hype Park Boulevard and Greenwood Street like I did every day for the past couple of weeks. But there was something different about the little shrub today that made me stop and gaze. Butterflies. Various combinations of orange, white, brown, ...

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