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Wise Men Still Seek Jesus (Chinese/English)

Reading Matthew chapter 2 vs 1-12 阅读马太福音第2章和1-12节 They call me a wise man… well I thought I was. 他们称我为智者…我以为我是。 I am a man of the East, and live in a society that believes in all types of deities. 我是一个东方人,生活在一个信仰各种神灵的社会里。 From my youth, I have been fascinated by the ancient writings. Some of these writings were brought ...

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Jerusalem and the Temple

Without Israel and the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem, Bible prophecy cannot be fulfilled. Two new developments have recently taken place. One, at the present time there are five red heifers in Israel, of which one or more may qualify for temple sacrifice and cleansing, in accordance to Jewish beliefs. The ...

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Oh Jerusalem, The City of the Jews

Jerusalem is mentioned throughout biblical history, often being referred to as the “city of God,” or the “Holy City.” Jesus entered this city victoriously while people waved palm branches. Christians celebrate this event on what is called “Palm Sunday.” For thousands of years Jerusalem has been associated with the Jewish ...

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Arise and Shine–Expectantly!

On the Sunday before Jesus’ crucifixion, the crowds welcomed Him expectantly.  His popularity soared on that day–so much so that the people intended to make Him their king.  They were ready to force the issue, if necessary.   They cheered, applauded, and celebrated His entrance into Jerusalem by paving His way ...

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Modern Day Good Samaritan

Cissy Cartwright is a mail carrier who has been delivering mail for over twenty years in the small hometown of Hope Hull, in the county of Montgomery. She explained that delivering mail for so long allowed her to get familiar with everyone on her route, including 66 year old Tommy ...

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