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If Only We Had Time Enough To Love

Fifty-six years ago we started systematically removing God from our schools. This is a much debated topic of late with the school massacre in Parkland, Florida. Few have the Godly wisdom to understand what it has done to our precious children when we began His removal with the banning of ...

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Work Out Your Salvation With Fear and Trembling

As Christmas has passed us and the new year approaches, it’s an appropriate time for us to not only reflect with gratitude on all God has done in our lives, but also to consider the future. While most years prior I would have spent this time goal setting and planning ...

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Are you IN the World or OF the World? (Part Three)

We’ve made it to the final installment in this blog series about the differences between godly thinking and worldly thinking, how is your self-assessment going? Have you noticed habitual ways of thinking that you now realize are not in line with Scripture? If you haven’t seen the first two installments ...

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Are you IN the World, or OF the World? (Part Two)

Last week, in Part One of this blog series, I covered three major differences between the “worldly” and the “godly.” We closed by saying how we must stay in the word of God, always praying for wisdom and discernment so we aren’t deceived by human thinking and dark spiritual forces. ...

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Preparing for the New Heavens and a New Earth

One of my favorite areas to study since becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ has been eschatology, or the study of end time events and the ultimate destiny of humanity. This is a topic that we all should be extremely knowledgeable of and prepare for, as it is one of ...

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