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Walking in the Spirit for Dummies

I chuckled as I wrote my blog title for this thinking about the “for dummies” books series and how great it would be if the Bible was more often taught in that manner. I like things explained simply and clearly and I bet you do too! Albert Einstein once said: ...

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Questions Atheists Tend to Ask, Part 5

Why is there evil and suffering? I asked these very questions and went through a period of atheism during my search for answers, this is how I left the faith, found the answers I sought and returned to Jesus Christ. The Christian life within the Body of Christ progresses through ...

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The Great Big Book of Everything!

Have you fully comprehended the fact that the Bible has a scripture for everything? This statement is no exaggeration. Every issue we could ever have, and everything that affects our lives—whether relationship, money, love, work, family, and the likes—is addressed in the Bible, even matters such as homosexuality and incest. ...

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Sacrificial Love: Christ-like Love

Paul commanded us to love one another as Christ loved the church and gave Himself for her. Jesus gave more than His life for us so we could be given eternal life in the Kingdom of God; He gave His life-giving blood that we may live.  Jesus was much more ...

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