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Cashless America with CBDCs

“Prices are skyrocketing!”  “Buy it today because tomorrow it will cost more.”  “Gas prices are outrageous. How can we afford this?” Sound familiar? According to a report in Epoch Times, Inflation is forcing American households to spend $709 more per month than two years ago. Over the last 100 years, ...

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The Battle Over The Rainbow

Friends, since the recent decision by the Supreme Court on gay marriage, there has been a fight “over the rainbow”, including who it belongs to and what it’s supposed to mean. Rather than declare who I believe it belongs to, I’m going to suggest there is much difference between the ...

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Will Your Tattoo Send you to Hell?

  Another hot button topic these days is the subject of tattoos and should Christians be indulging in body art.  My daughter sent me an article on Facebook from the website of the United Church of God.  It is in answer to the question, “What does the Bible say about ...

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Microchipping Alzheimer’s Patients

Microchipping Alzheimer’s Patients By John Livingston Clark Would you like one of your grandparents to have a microchip placed under his or her skin? If they have Alzheimer’s they might. According to a recent broadcast by ABC News people with this disorder, which affects 5 million Americans, are lining up ...

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