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Why You Should Skip Miley Cyrus’ Advice

Dear readers, the following article is for mature adult audiences. It discusses recent comments by Miley Cyrus that deserve a biblical response. Please carefully consider the intended audience when you read this article. Miley Cyrus made headlines recently for encouraging daily masturbation. While it’s disgraceful that this is what makes ...

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School Dances: Should I Let My Kid Go?

School Dance

Valentine’s Day may seem a long way off, but if you have teenagers at home, they’re probably already talking about the much-anticipated school dance: who’s going with whom, who’s not going at all, and what they plan to wear. But with today’s raunchy lyrics, bump-and-grind dance moves, and hormones at ...

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“Yes” Just For The Sake of One

“Yes” Just For The Sake of One Her name hit me like a brick as I began to surf and gleam the virtual newsstands.  Stopping on the CNN headline, tears began to form in the corner of my eyes while the heaviness in my heart began to grow.  Miley Cyrus ...

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