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Duck Dodging–Which Direction Are You Looking?

It was a typical day with everyday activities. I had just finished my two-mile power walk/jog/flight with my 90-pound dog, Mitch. It was time for the cool-down stroll with my old, little beagle, Tippy. After all the many days of rain, she seemed a little stiff and sluggish, but nothing ...

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How To Cultivate Self-Discipline

Inspiration is a beautiful thing, there is no question about it. The problem is this … it just does not come around often enough.  Some days can feel like an up hill battle and waiting around for the inspiration to strike is a waste of life.  There are ways to build within you (just like a muscle!) ...

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It’s Not About Me!

Another year is dawning, and I am struck by both a sense of fulfillment and one of regret. As I look back over the past year, I spy dreams that have been brought to fruition and goals that have been met. I see accomplishments and growth in many areas. Yet, ...

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God, What are your plans for me?

God’s mercies are new every morning; fresh starts are a daily opportunity. The God of Hope wants us embrace each new day with inspired hope.  Daring to dream and setting goals honors our divine design.  Goals and dreams seldom just materialize; they require diligent effort.  New habits take 21 days ...

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