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Living In the Half-Light

The first time I heard about living in the half-light was while reading a book about what it really means to be a man. The moment I read it, I felt a little sick. That’s because I thought it might be me. Into 2010, author Wes Yoder published a book ...

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Stop Feeding Us Trash

Simply put, we live in a world were the media likes to feed us trash. It’s an unfortunate thing. We go to turn on the television or computer and we’re bombarded with sexual images, violence, cursing, and news about all the negative things happening around us. Sure, to an extent ...

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2014 Word of the Year

One of the first things I do when I set out to write, is open a tab on my computer for Dictionary.com. This website is my writing buddy; it offers a plethora of definitions as well as myriad synonyms. I typed the letter D in the URL and up pops ...

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Use Your Power!

The Creator used words to bring something out of nothing.  Scripture tells us Jesus Christ is the Word; He is the power and life of all that exists.  Humanity alone received the privilege—and responsibility—of using words.  Learning to steward the gift of words well is a worthy ambition.  For out ...

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Rest of the Story

The news makes me long for the words of Paul Harvey…’and now you know the rest of the story.’  There is always more to the story than a reporter can cover.  Frequently aspects of the stories emerge over time and change the entire tenor of a story.  Sometimes, the viewpoint of the ...

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