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Salvage Your Financial Situation – Give God A Tithe

Have you been feeling the “pinch”?  The pinch that occurs as your hard earned cash squeezes it’s way out of your dwindling savings account, staggering debit or credit card account, or your hot little hand?  You are not alone.  “Well,” you say, “what is a hard working, conscientious person to ...

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Do You Give Like God?

Our God is a generous God motivated by His great love for His creation.  He makes available and lavishes on those who will accept it, great grace and mercies that are new every morning (Lamentations 3:22-23).  He offers salvation to us free of charge (Romans 3:24). He grants forgiveness simply ...

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Full Of Life

gushing love

Don’t you dearly adore the ‘is-ness’ of God? In other words, He’s present right now. Emmanuel (God with us) today. Shall we agree with the Psalmist? The Lord IS my shepherd, this hour. The Lord IS my Light and Salvation so I will not fear, this minute. The Lord IS ...

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