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When Your Child Asks Hard Questions

It happens every other day or so, my quick-thinking, must-have-answers-to-everything little girl startling me with her tough questions. I should have known it was coming, because we had just spent the day at her school and in the hallway was a special needs student. The most precious sweetheart you have ever ...

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Write Your Personal Faith Story

Has anyone ever asked you to give your testimony?  Do people often say, “You should write a book”?  Do you want to leave a record of your faith for your children and grandchildren? It does not matter why:  writing about your faith journey is a great endeavor. It helps you see and ...

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Army of God

This week we celebrate Veteran’s Day…the American holiday that recognizes the service soldiers give (and gave) for America.  We thankfully honor those who give their lives to protect freedom.  The brotherhood of servicemen awes me; the commitment to fellow soldiers is beautiful to behold.  Soldiers who have battled together especially ...

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Prayers that Produce!

Saeed Abedini and his family mourned an anniversary this week. Imprisoned by Iran because he is a Christian, Friday, September 26, 2014 marked Saeed’s second year of captivity. Iranian-born, Abedini is an American citizen—a pastor who went back to Iran (at the request of the government) to build an orphanage. Condemned ...

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