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Where Do We Go From Here?

We could literally not watch the TV or read the newspaper for a week, and yet the same stories, from the same viewpoints, will still be the mainstays of the news of the day. Start with Ferguson, Missouri.  This is a very sad plight.  It puts our country to shame. ...

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Into The Trash It Went

This summer I heard a true story of a mother telling her daughter directly after receiving her soccer award, to go and throw it in the trash.  Now, before you jump to any misjudgments, hear the woman’s story out.  The daughter was on a losing soccer team.  No wins.  Only ...

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Life through a Runner’s Eyes

I remember the pain, the burn, the euphoria, feeling as though I could run forever, knowing that my pain was taking me closer to my goal, looking forward — pushing forward to that moment of extreme satisfaction when I would cross the finish line knowing I had given everything, and ...

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