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Abiding Victory is Ours

The Velveteen Rabbit knew something about truly living. He knew that life brought loose threads and worn edges, it was about becoming, and real-life required love. He was a little creature of no significance in the beginning, but later he was the beloved best friend of the little boy to ...

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How to Be Real In a World That Embraces All Things False

We have been bamboozled into believing that fake is better. We seem to have no reservations about pretending to be someone or something we’re not. Let’s face it, the society we live in today hardly encourages us to embrace our true self and be genuine. There are so many options ...

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No Nameless Faces

The world population is around 7 billion and yet we are not just a face in the crowd. God sees us as specific individuals. He is real and looking at you right now, right where you are at, right this second. Imagine that. He knows what we think, what we ...

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Living a lie

“Can I tell you something really heavy?  With dark, pleading eyes, Kayshon asked, “You remember the boy who was killed two weeks ago?  You remember the kid who shot him…well, he was in my face the day before.”  His voice trailed off as he mumbled, “It could have been me.” ...

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