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Are You a Teen Church Dropout?

Accepting Jesus at such a young age can be a beautiful beginning to a new relationship, but what happens when that relationship never fully blossoms into something to call one’s own? What if the only connection a teenager has made with Jesus has been modeled after their parents and Christians ...

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Teachable Moments

As a single mom, I always look for teachable moments with my son–opportunities where I can teach him a biblical principle or bring a scripture to life. Recently, while listening to one of his favorite Christian bands he asked, “Mom, what do they mean when they say … in this ...

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God is Able, and He Wants to Help You

We’ll never run out of words to say or songs to sing. His praises will rise throughout all time whether we join or not.  Sometimes our prayers seem dry to us, but the problem is us, not God.  He is the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Maker of the ...

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