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Work/Life Balance: Putting It into Perspective

“Tired Little Woman In Search of Work/Life Balance: Seeking Calm in the Midst of a Storm.” That line could very well be the intro of a personal ad written from my weary little soul to “the balanced, carefree life” I long to live. As a mother of two with a ...

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A Renewal of Both Body and Spirit

For years now, I’ve sat by as my health went steadily downhill. Every once in a while, I’d get fed up with my poor health to the point that I would make some changes. I’d watch what I was eating and exercise more, but after a few weeks, I’d find ...

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The Harmful Habit of Possessing

A few weeks ago, Nashville, the glitzy city bordering my own town of Clarksville, has been buried in snow. Quite unusual for this city of southern belles and country music. Consequently, many normal “luxuries” of life were briefly off limits. Some lost power, some lost cars in icy pile ups. ...

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Is A Bedtime Routine Important?

Dinnertime is over.  The kitchen is now closed, and the clock is edging towards the late evening hours.  But little voices can still be heard in whispers or shouts depending upon what your household looks like after the sun goes down or shortly before. For some parents, the evening time ...

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Forming a Foundation For Expectations

“Lazy hands make a man poor, but diligent hands bring wealth.” (Proverbs 10:4) Saturday morning was slowly slipping by as I stood in the kitchen holding the list of chores in my hand. “Girls, come in here please.” The busyness of the past week had created a snowball list moving ...

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