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Longing to Know God, or Legalism?

The longing to know God more sometimes causes us to scrutinize His Word in a way that blocks us from His presence.  That which we intend for good becomes a wall keeping us from the Father.  It is easy to see it in the nation of Israel; they added hundreds ...

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2 Ways to Bring Families Together

There was a time when men and women had distinct jobs around the house. Men did the mowing and the snow shoveling; women did the gardening and house cleaning. Men did repairs around the house, and women did most of the household chores. It was a coordinated effort to keep ...

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How To Cultivate Self-Discipline

Inspiration is a beautiful thing, there is no question about it. The problem is this … it just does not come around often enough.  Some days can feel like an up hill battle and waiting around for the inspiration to strike is a waste of life.  There are ways to build within you (just like a muscle!) ...

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