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The Apex of Narcissism: Selfie Addiction Turned Deadly

One hundred injured, 10 killed while taking selfies and that is just this year in Russia alone, who knows how many more have been hurt or killed around the world. Taking selfies is using a phone to take a picture of one’s self, and people are becoming addicted to looking ...

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What Word Offends People The Most?

What happens when you hear the word “submit”? Do you cringe and cover your ears? How about the hairs on the back of your neck, do they stand up? Or, do you become riled up and jump into defense mode. Whatever your reaction may be, is it in line with ...

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Who Are You Trying to Sell?

Gleaming through a few Facebook and Twitter profiles of friends and general connection, I noticed one commonality in the thread of teenage profiles. Selfies; endless images of one’s self-taken to force jealousy on the world emphasizing exactly what people are missing out on. My argument is not to rant about ...

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