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3 Stages of Prayer

Often in prayer we are asking God for things, either for ourselves or for others, sometimes we are praising Him or thanking Him and sometimes we are just talking at Him. What we rarely do is shut up when we pray. To pray in silence is no easy thing to ...

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Questions Atheists Tend to Ask, Part 5

Why is there evil and suffering? I asked these very questions and went through a period of atheism during my search for answers, this is how I left the faith, found the answers I sought and returned to Jesus Christ. The Christian life within the Body of Christ progresses through ...

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Pillow Talk

Intimacy draws two people together. It is the result of a close familiarity or friendship that brings about a deep personal connection. Genuine intimacy brings comfort, satisfaction, and peace of mind. While intimacy can be achieved almost anywhere, the most common area is the bedroom. After all, it is the ...

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