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A Handful of Helpful Heroes

The interest of most teenagers today lies in music, fashion, and technological gadgets; not so much in helping others. The less than pleasant disposition and overall supercilious attitude of most young adults doesn’t help their reputation either. As a result, most people view the teen years as a time of ...

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I Can’t

We moms don’t like that statement.  We tell our children not to say it.  We remind them of Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  But we know in our hearts how hard that is to walk out, because there’s a truth motherhood teaches well: ...

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Searching For Meaning

At one level it’s obvious there’s a Creator-Overseer; but on another, it may be quite remote in many people’s minds. I’d bet the Psychiatrists’ day-planners overflow with patients that ask, ‘who am I…why was I born…what’s my purpose…where do I belong…why am I here’ and a gazillion other inquiries. Too ...

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