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Answer The Door! (Chinese/English)

Revelation 3:20Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

启示录 3章:20-看哪,我站在门外叩门,若有听见我声音就开门的,我要进到他那里去,我与他,他与我一同坐席。

Answer The Door!!


This is probably the most misused verse in the Bible, when I came to faith back in 1975, this was the verse that I remember from the book Journey into life. But it is not aimed at unbelievers, it comes right at the end of the letters to the seven churches and indeed right at the end of the last one to the Laodicean church, which has some of the strongest rebukes in the Bible.


You remember that Jesus has become so upset with this Church and its compromise that He has threatened to spew them out of his mouth, that means what they are makes Him physically sick. This Church was not one thing or the other, they wanted to serve Christ and still wanted to live in the world.

你还记得,对于该教会 及其妥协的态度,耶稣非常不满,他威胁要把从嘴里吐出来,这意味着这个教会让他身体感到不适。这个教会不是这样或那样,他们想侍奉基督,仍然想生活在这个世界上。

But there is hope, this is one of the greatest invitations in the Bible. Let’s look at it for a minute.


It is Jesus who is knocking, Behold I stand, if you go and read in Song of Solomon 5:2, Solomon is seeking for his bride. This is a wonderful picture of what Jesus is doing today, he is earnestly seeking His bride, the Church. He is standing at the door of the Church and knocking to get in.  Is He standing at your Church and knocking to get in?

是耶稣在敲门,看哪,我站着,如果你去读所罗门之歌第五章第二节,所罗门正在寻找他的新娘。这是耶稣今天所做的一幅奇妙的图画,他恳切地寻找他的新娘就是教会。他站在教堂门口,敲门要进去。他有没有 站在你的教堂门口敲门要进去呢?

 Although these letters were addressed to the Leaders of the seven Churches, this invitation is to everyone in the Church. note the words, if any one hear my voice and open the door. This whole invitation is a personal invite for every Christian as well as for the whole Church.  The Lord stands at the door of each believer’s heart, and He is constantly knocking, but the door handle is on the inside, it’s up to you Believer’s to open the door.

虽然这些信是写给七个教会的领袖的,但这份邀请是写给教会的每一个人的。记住这些话,如果有人听到我的声音就开门。整个邀请是对每一个 基督徒 个人邀请,也是对整个教会的邀请。主耶稣站在每个信徒的门口,他不断地敲门,但门把手是在里面的,要靠信徒自己去开门。

 Well, what happens when you open the door, it’s the most glorious thing ever, Jesus comes and has intimate communion with us. There are two amazing promises here, one is that Jesus will come in, when you open the door, He will be there. Sometimes you open the door after someone has been knocking and they have disappeared, not Jesus. Secondly, He will have fellowship with us and get this…us with Him. The most intimate thing that we have is a meal and that is why Jesus is knocking He wants intimate and deep fellowship.

当你打开门的时候发生了什么,这是最荣耀的事情,耶稣来了,和我们有亲密的交流,这里有两个惊人的承诺,第一 是耶稣会进来,当你打开门的时候,他会在那里(不会走)生活中有时 你听到有人敲门,你打开门时 他们已经不见了,耶稣不会这样。其次,他会与我们相交并得到这个。我们和他在一起。我们拥有的最亲密的东西是一个宴席,这就是为什么耶稣敲门,他想要亲密和深入的交通。

It’s time for some Churches to open the door to Jesus, because the door to Him, is closed. Are you going to brave enough to open it?


 As an individual believer are you going to open the door of your own life to Jesus?


 How long are you going to leave him at your door knocking?


 It’s time to answer the door!!!


God Bless You,


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