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Comfort And Challenge (Chinese/English)

Acts 23

使徒行传 23

11 The following night the Lord stood by him and said, “Take courage, for as you have testified to the facts about me in Jerusalem, so you must testify also in Rome.”

11 当晚,主站在保罗身旁对他说:“要勇敢!你怎样在耶路撒冷为我做见证,也必照样在罗马为我做见证。”

Comfort And Challenge


Paul had testified all over. He was totally immersed in sharing Christ wherever he went.  I don’t want to concentrate on Paul, but on the Lord and what He said to him.

保罗已经在各处作证了。他完全沉浸在事工中, 无论走到哪里都分享基督。不过要这里我不想集中讨论保罗,而是关注主对他说的话。

The Lord stood by the Apostle Paul. Through the ages, the Lord has stood by His people in their darkest hour; He had done the same with Daniel’s three friends in the fiery furnace. And He stood by David as he fought Goliath.  And there are many other examples of God standing with His saints.

主站在使徒保罗旁边。经过岁月的洗礼,主一直在他的子民最黑暗的时刻站在他们身边;在但以理的三个朋友在烈火炉中, 他也这样做过。大卫与歌利亚战斗时, 他在也站在他身边。这样的例子还有许多,上帝与他的圣徒同在。

Be encouraged, believer.  Like Paul, the Lord is standing right beside you!  And He is saying to you what He said to the Apostle-”Take Courage.”


We also see God’s providence here. If Paul hadn’t been arrested in Jerusalem, then he may not have had the opportunity to go to Rome.  The way Paul arrived in Rome was not like he imagined, but our way is seldom God’s way.


Remember believer, that God stands right alongside you and is saying, “Take courage.”

He also said to the Apostle Paul, “You are in My hands; you will now testify of Me in Rome.”  The great opportunity to share the gospel in the center of the Roman Empire, was now being opened up to Paul.

他还对使徒保罗说:“你在我的手中,现在你要在罗马为我作见证。” 为在罗马帝国的中心分享福音的绝佳机会正在为保罗打开。

God bless you,


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