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Direct Disobedience (Chinese/English)


撒母耳记上 15

20 And Saul said unto Samuel, Yea, I have obeyed the voice of the Lord, and have gone the way which the Lord sent me, and have brought Agag the king of Amalek, and have utterly destroyed the Amalekites.  21 But the people took of the spoil, sheep and oxen, the chief of the things which should have been utterly destroyed, to sacrifice unto the Lord thy God in Gilgal.

20扫罗对撒母耳说:「我实在听从了耶和华的命令,行了耶和华所差遣我行的路,擒了亚玛力王亚甲来,灭尽了亚玛力人。21百姓却在所当灭的物中,取了最好的牛羊,要在吉甲献与耶和华-你的 神。」



Saul was told to completely destroy Amalek. Why would God want Saul to do this?

扫罗被告知要彻底摧毁亚玛力人。 为什么神要扫罗这样做呢?

Amalek was the one who attacked the weak rearguard of Israel. In Exodus chapter 17 they were terrible, and it took all the prayers of Moses to support Joshua as he fought against them. So they were very evil people and God wanted them to be destroyed, as they were a people who not only attacked the children of Israel, but also led them into idol worship.

亚玛力人攻击的是以色列人中殿后的弱旅。 在出埃及记第 17 章中,他们很可怕,摩西用所有的祈祷来支持约书亚与他们作战。 由此看出他们是非常邪恶的人,上帝希望他们被毁灭,因为他们不仅攻击以色列人,还引导他们拜偶像。

When sin and disobedience is in the believer’s life, they will make many excuses. The origins are in the Garden of Eden, when Adam blamed Eve. She blamed the serpent who hadn’t got a leg to stand on, so to speak.

当信徒的生活中有罪和悖逆时,他们会找很多借口。 可以这么说,这起源于伊甸园,亚当指责夏娃,而夏娃则责怪那条没有腿可以站立的蛇。

Saul heard the words of Samuel in verse 3. He knew what God wanted him to do, but he was like Achan; he saw the good things and kept them. He destroyed all the rubbish of Amalek, but kept the best things to do what – sacrifice unto the Lord?

扫罗在第 3 节听到撒母耳的话。他知道神要他做什么,但他像亚干; 他看到了美物就保留了下来。 他摧毁了亚玛力人所有的垃圾,但保留了最好的东西来做什么——献祭给耶和华?

How often are we like Saul? We are told to completely destroy some pet sin, but we keep the best parts of it.  We think that God will be satisfied with partial obedience. and God comes like Samuel did and says ‘What means the bleating of the sheep in my ears?’.   We try and hide our sin from God, thinking that partial obedience is true obedience when in fact it is direct disobedience.

我们有多像扫罗? 我们都知道要彻底消除恶习,但我们保留其中最讨喜的部分。 我们认为上帝会满足于我们这样部分的服从。 上帝像撒母耳一样来了,他说:“我耳边传来绵羊的咩咩声是什么意思?”。 我们试图向神隐瞒我们的罪,认为部分的顺服也是真正的顺服,而实际上它是直接的悖逆。

We blame other. Let’s say we have the sin of pride, and we say to God ‘Well I have got rid of it. But look at him/her: they have this sin or that sin and I haven’t’. Well, you still have the sin of pride, however much you may try to hide it.

我们习惯于责怪他人。 假设我们有骄傲的罪,我们对上帝说‘看吧,我已经摆脱它了。 但是你看那个人:他们还是有这个罪或那个罪,而我没有。 对了,这就是骄傲的罪,不管你多么想隐藏它。

The people did not keep the sheep and the oxen; the order to do this came from the top, from Saul himself.

人们并没有要把牛羊留下来养着; 这是来自最高层的指令,来自扫罗本人。

Are you disobeying God Christian, and then blaming someone else for your sin?  You need to take responsibility for your actions.

基督徒啊,你是否也违背上帝,然后把你的罪归咎于别人呢? 你需要为你的行为负责。

Are you still keeping an Agag in your life? Look at what Samuel did to Agag and he was an old man!!!

你的生活中还保留着亚甲吗? 看看撒母耳对亚甲是怎么做的,他是个老人!!!

It is time to obey the Lord fully and to destroy the Amalekites and Agag’s in your life.


Remember, if you don’t they will turn into Haman, who in the book of Esther put the children of Israel in serious peril,  and it was only because God graciously intervened that they were saved.


Do not play around with sin believer, do as Samuel did and hack your Agag to pieces and wholly follow the Lord.




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  1. It is true that we can play a game with the Lord. But He makes the rules!
    Unfortunately we can convince ourselves to compromise and think that a half-way solution is possible to get away with but it is really a half-hearted love and commitment to the Lord.
    Why we want to make this choice shows us that we are still playing around with sin. May the Lord help us to be willing to do it His way.
    Thank you for pointing out some of the examples that the Lord had these written down for our learning.
    Enjoyed reading your article.

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