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Restore Us -The Three R’S (Chinese/English)

The Three R’s – “Restore us, O God of our salvation, and cause Your anger toward us to cease forever. Will You be angry with us forever? Will You prolong Your anger and disfavor and spread it out to all generations?  Will You not revive us again, that Your people may rejoice in You? Show us Your mercy and loving-kindness, O Lord, and grant us Your salvation. Psalm 85:4-7.”

三个R’s 拯救我们的神啊, 求你使我们回转,叫你的恼恨向我们止息。你要向我们发怒到永远吗?你要将你的怒气延留到万代吗?你不再将我们救活,使你的百姓靠你欢喜吗?耶和华啊,求你使我们得见你的慈爱, 又将你的救恩赐给我们 诗篇  8:54-7

At school, we had the Three R’s: Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic.   Here in this Psalm, we have the heart cry of every believer concerning how we are to pray.   Well, here we have an example. We should pray to be restored, in our relationship with God.

在学校里, 我们有三个R’s : 阅读, 写作, 和算数。 在诗篇中, 我们每一个信徒应该有呼求的心,关于我们如何祷告。我举一个例子,我们应该祷告修复我们和神的关系。

Every time, we sin, we should come quickly to the throne of grace to receive mercy, because we do not want God to be distant for long.  Any Christian misses the unique fellowship, they have with the Father as the Psalmist says in the above passage. He/she prays so that the anger of God against the sin, is taken away. The Christian prays to be revived.   He/she has a great need and that is to have a fresh and vibrant touch of the Lord. We long to be filled with the power and glory of God. Every Christian longs to be revived.   Do your prayers have a yearning for revival?

每次当我们犯罪的时候, 我们应该快快来到施恩的宝座前领受慈爱怜悯, 因为我们不想远离神太久。任何一个基督徒都会错过独一的团契,正如诗篇的作者在上面的文章所说。他/她祷告以至于神对罪的怒气被带走。基督徒祷告被复兴。有一个很大的需求,这个需求就是身体和灵魂被神触摸。我们期待被神的能力和荣耀充满。 每个基督徒都期待被复兴。 你的祷告有没有对复兴的渴望?

Third, the Christian wants to be restored and revived, so that He/she can rejoice. Who does the Christian rejoice in? Do you rejoice in the blessings God gives us that is good?  But the main thing we need to do is rejoice in God himself.  How much time do you take rejoicing in God?   His glory, his attributes?   Ask for Restoration, ask for Revival, and then you can Rejoice in God.

第三,基督徒想要被恢复和重生, 所以他可以喜乐。基督徒因谁喜乐呢? 你是因为神给我们祝福而喜乐吗? 但是我们需要做的主要事情就是因神而喜乐。你花多少时间因主而喜乐?他的荣耀?或者他的属性? 寻求修复,寻求重生,然后你可以在主里喜乐。

God Bless You


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