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Short But Sweet


约翰福音 11章 35节

Jesus wept.


Surely the story of Lazarus depicts the spiritual state of us all before Christ came into our hearts; we were dead in trespasses and sins.  Like Lazarus we wore the grave cloths of our own good works, which could never make us right with a holy God.  We had the sentence of death on our lives, until Jesus called us by grace to receive salvation through faith in His name.


The place where this miracle happened was a place of weeping. Mary and Martha, along with their friends were weeping…there also were professional weepers present. So why were the tears of Jesus different?


Jesus is fully God and fully man.  As such, He knows every human emotion, He knows deep loss and pain. Not just on a physical level, but on an emotional level within His family.  Jesus’ compassion for His people knows no bounds.


He asked the question…”where have you laid him?” They answered, “Come and see”. When Jesus sees anyone broken by sin, he weeps. Because He knows that the consequences of sin is death.


But weeping over the grave of Lazarus was not enough.  He did something. The compassion of Jesus was an active compassion. Likewise, we have to be like Jesus…we also see the graves of people who are in sin.  They are dead and without hope, but as we share the gospel, the Spirit opens up their hearts and enables them to come forth from the grave and have their grave clothes removed.

但是单单为拉撒路的坟墓哭泣是不够的。他做了别的什么。耶稣的怜悯是一种积极的怜悯。同样,我们必须像耶稣一样……我们也看到了犯罪者的坟墓。他们已经死了,没有希望,但当我们分享福音时,圣灵会打开他们的心门,使他们能够从坟墓里出来,脱去他们的裹尸布 。

Moved by the tears of Martha and Mary, Jesus wept.  The Son of God, the Prince of Peace, wept.  The One who is eternal, ever-faithful, ever-living, wept.  The One who is King of Kings and Lord of Lords, wept.


Every unsaved person is dead in trespasses and sins. It is not enough for us o weep over their state; we are commissioned by Christ to share the gospel with these, so that they too may experience the new life that only Christ can give.


Years ago, two salvation army workers wrote to their founder William Booth.  In the letter, they said, “We have tried programmes, meetings and everything to reach people, what do you suggest we do?”   He sent a telegram back with just two words: TRY TEARS

多年前,两名救世军写信给他们的创始人威廉·布斯。在信中,他们说:“我们已经努力尝试了做节目、开见面会以及一切可以接触人群的办法,你建议我们再做什么吗?”他回了一封电报,只写了两个字:TRY TEARS

Before Jesus did anything, He wept, after He wept, He took action.


Let us follow the example of our Master.  To weep for those who are lost, and work to win them to the Savior.


Please read 2 Corinthians 5

请阅读 哥林多前书2章 5节

God bless you


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  1. Beautifully stated.
    The link to the Bible passage was appreciated.
    The Lord bless your commitment and draw people to Himself.

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