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Lessons Taught, Character Caught

In early American schoolrooms the art of beautiful penmanship was more important than learning the proper spelling of words, but lessons in good moral character were of the most value. Students began by drawing straight lines over and over before moving on to the letters of the alphabet, and finally putting full sentences together. Those words often held spiritual values caught through such popular sentencing as “happy are those who cherish the day,” written many times on entire sheets of paper by little boys and girls into their copybooks.

Jesus also used the daily tasks of life to teach His followers the godly way to live through the Parables. The barren fig tree that looked lovely and healthy bore no useful fruit because of what it lacked within.  The good Samaritan took compassion on a beating victim even though it cost him time and money. The one lost coin was noticed, so valuable that its owner stopped all she was doing to look until she found it again, just as God does with the lost soul.

Like those early American teachers who worked tirelessly to help their students mature not only in daily life, but in their spiritual journey, Jesus also loved the time He spent with people just sitting and telling stories their hearts could respond to. He knew that those who love wisdom would remember His Words and apply them.

Moral character makes for smooth traveling; an evil life is a hard life.  Proverbs 11:5

Of all the lessons we learn in life, some through study and others through observing those around us, lessons of good moral character will take us the furthest, and we can trust that God walks alongside those who wisely learn His Ways.

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