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Perfect Measurements

A glance through history makes it plain; perfect measurements are as fickle as the fleeting ideals of a generation!  Sadly, both men and women have felt the pressure of falling short when measured against an ever-changing standard. And what better example than one’s physical attributes…

Greek and Roman statues in pose show men of great athletic build,  exuding  strength. During Medieval Times, when lifespans were short due to contagious disease,  the perfect male was one who possessed good hair, skin, and teeth; all signs of health. By the 17th Century, the man dressed in frilly, ruffled shirts and lean in build was considered perfect.

Women, too,  have fallen victim to a supposed perfect standard for centuries.  The Gibson Girl of the 1910’s had perfect measurements for her times, with her hourglass shape. By the start of the roaring 20’s the thin, boyish look was the new perfect. Then, it all came full circle in the next decade when the curvier shape was once again coveted.

Attaining perfection sounds impossible!  Perhaps because we were never meant to achieve it.  Only God can truly determine a perfect measurement.  And if we look around, we can see it everywhere:

  Who has measured the waters in the hollow of his hand and marked off the heavens with a span, comprehended the dust of the earth in a third of a measure and weighed out the mountains in the scales, and the hills in a balance?   Isaiah 40:12

Do you find yourself caught in the trap of trying to obtain a perfect measurement in some area of life: outward appearance, title, achievements? Take a lesson from history and let God determine the standard. After all, He has measured the oceans, the heavens, and the weight of mountains and hills, and His measurements are perfect!

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