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Thoughts for a New Year

Auld Lang Syne began as a poem, penned in 1788. It told the story of two old Scottish friends with a history together that was worth remembering. As they sat and drank a cup of cheer, they remembered the past with fondness, for old time’s sake—or in their native tongue–auld lang syne.

After 231 years, this poem turned into song has been sung at times of both joyful and sorrowful milestones in life. It can be heard every Christmas Eve at the end of the movie It’s a Wonderful Life as the affable angel Clarence gets his wings, and at the ringing in of every new year.

The things of the past have their place in our memory. Often, fond remembrances are reminisced about for old time’s sake. It is good for the soul. Yet some things from the past are better off forgotten, except to learn a lesson and make sure they are not repeated!  The things that God has done should never be forgotten, as the psalmist remembered long ago:

I will [solemnly] remember the deeds of the Lord;
Yes, I will [wholeheartedly] remember Your wonders of old.
Psalm 77:11

God is interested in more than reminiscing, His Words are written down for our instruction, guidance, warning, encouragement, and hope. What are you remembering as this year draws to a close? Please consider the deeds of the Lord in your life. How has He protected you, or brought you healing, or blessed a loved one? May those remembrances be brought to mind as you begin another year.

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