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Thoughts for a New Year

Auld Lang Syne began as a poem, penned in 1788. It told the story of two old Scottish friends with a history together that was worth remembering. As they sat and drank a cup of cheer, they remembered the past with fondness, for old time’s sake—or in their native tongue–auld ...

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God’s Will: The Safest Place On Earth

center of God's will, safe haven, shelter in the storm,

Do you have lingering thoughts of escapism in these uncertain days? Maybe you wish you could pack up and move to a rural cabin hidden in the hills of nowhere. Perhaps you wish you could escape to a different time, such as bygone days when terrorism and shootings and perversion ...

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You Just Can’t Go Home Again!

We all have heard that age-old saying, “You just can’t go home again.”  But I personally beg to differ. You see, home is home, whether it is current or past, whether it belongs to us or is borrowed, whether we are young or old.  Home is not just a building. ...

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