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Trusting When You Are Fearful

My mother’s soothing voice was often all I needed as a little girl to calm my childish fears. I have a memory from the age of four when an older neighbor girl told me the story of the “Bogeyman” for the first time, how he came into houses in the dark of night and took little children. My fear was real. I was sure this villain existed and that he would pick my house as his next stop! I immediately ran to my mom to tell her of this bad man, assuming she’d never heard of him. I can still remember the relief when she assured me that the neighbor was only trying to scare me and that there was no bad man lurking about in neighborhoods. All I needed was for her to tell me that and I trusted her completely.

When we grow up, we can laugh at the thought of the elusive “Bogeyman.” He is no more real than the monster in our closet or the nameless creature under our bed. But we face other, very real fears as adults. There are real circumstances in life that bring about fear. It is in these times that we must put our faith in our Father in heaven and hear His quiet voice comfort us like a loving parent with the words that all will be well. David was a mighty king chosen by God, yet he felt fear just as we do, and he put his trust in God as he faced each challenge:

O Lord, you alone are my hope; I’ve trusted you from childhood.  Yes, you have been with me from birth and have helped me constantly—no wonder I am always praising you! Psalm 71:5-6

One of the wonders of having a relationship with God is that He is, among many things, a loving Father to us. He understands and is ready to quell our fears and reassure us that in the end, if we trust Him, everything will be alright.

What fears are you facing? God understands your feelings and knows the path you are on today. Listen to His voice and trust in Him. When you do, He will carry you safely to the other side of those fears.

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