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The Tiger Roared Like Never Before

The Tiger Roared Like Never Before

On a historic day unlike any other normal Augusta day,
After the world’s experts had all long ago agreed,
Saying there was no longer any possible way,
The Tiger would never again prowl at the Masters!
After not hearing his growl,
Nor any roar from the crowds,
And after a decade and one of being Golf’s suffering son,
The Tiger roared with a roar never heard at Augusta before!

Suffering from choices that came only self-inflicted,
Struggling with a body broken and now surely was rebelling,
All hope seemed gone for this icon so afflicted.
And then The Tiger learned some lessons on what really matters!
Whether by his own will or by divine intervention,
Healing of body and mind slowly came with his convictions.
One step became two and many more small steps led to this giant leap.
Not too soon The Tiger was loose and he was relearning how to roar!

The day finally came for the chance to know redemption,
But a master of the past has to him no promises cast,
They will ever be again a master of their profession.
The Tiger had shocked the world many times at the Masters,
But almost everyone believed it was no longer possible.
Did even he believe it was something highly probable?
Like Tinkerbell, the crowd’s roars became like chants of “I Believe In Tiger!”
His Dad was here no more, but The Tiger’s children would even the score!

With a calm determination and a most determined skill,
With his fist never pumped not until the final roar,
And with little animation when the battle became his will,
The Tiger was on the prowl again but much different than before!
When many of his challengers were found thirsting for a drink,
Patience overcame impatience as he said  an Amen to the Creek.
While the others had all their strivings lead them to a failure to thrive,
The Tiger’s prowling so stealthily gave him the Masters win for sure!

These new strivers learned a valuable lesson on this day.
This was more than just a day unlike any other day,
This was a man unlike any other and they were his prey.
The Tiger was back and he’ll be prowling for several more (jack)!
You see the thrivers had on this day a first-time experience.
The prowl and the roars they had never before experienced.
One can hear all the tales of how deathly is The Tiger’s prowl,
But when The Tiger’s after you…Bad things start happening to your score!

Ron C. Kyker


Tiger Woods great comeback taught us all a valuable lesson. He showed us what one can do with a tremendous work ethic, never giving up, and being willing to adapt to new challenges, but……..

For who and for what was Tiger striving for? It seems Tiger has gained the whole world back again that he lost, but……..

To what end? Jesus taught us another lesson almost everyone is familiar with concerning what we should be striving for, so that we might have a good end:

Then Jesus said to His disciples, “If anyone desires to come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. For whoever decides to save his life will lose it, but whosoever loses his life for My sake will find it. For what profit is it to a man, if he gains the whole world and lose his soul? Or what will man give in exchange for his own soul.”   (Matthew 16:24-26)

I have been a Tiger Woods fan ever since he was on the Mike Douglas Show as a two year old hitting golf balls and on the Today Show at age five. It seems he was born to play golf. His father raised him for this purpose and groomed him to do just that. Tiger’s father is gone now and Tiger had not won a Major Tournament in eleven years. During that time he suffered through a divorce that was very public and even somewhat violent. He also suffered severe back problems that left him unable to walk and hooked on pain killers. A very bad looking DUI mugshot showed just how far Tiger had fallen.

Then, Tiger achieved what everyone said was impossible. He got his life back together and Doctors were able to repair his back well enough that he could recapture his lost former glory here on Earth, but……..

Was the comeback by the power of his own will or by divine intervention?

Many will praise Tiger for having the strength to do what he did. It was impressive, and I was as thrilled as anyone to witness it. Tiger has made no public confession that faith in God played any part. Tiger was also quoted as saying after winning the Masters Sunday that: “I am still trying to figure all this out!” Tiger certainly was able to get his life back together enough to do what he did, but……..

What about his future glory in Heaven?

Does he have any future or a hope there? Do you? It comes only through the faith to believe in Jesus Christ that He was the Son of God. It was for our extreme sinfulness that He suffered and died His blood able to cover all our sin. He died on a cruel cross of offense. It was offensive because so many are offended and refuse to believe who He claimed to be, that He died and then arose from the grave three days later proving His power over sin and it’s judgment  issued by God resulting in our spiritual death. We will celebrate this great event this coming Sunday on Easter!

I was captivated and most excited to witness Tiger’s great comeback. It made the hairs stand up and the goosebumps rise, but……..

Let us put his great comeback into perspective. Tiger did not die and he was not brought back to life by scores of people chanting “I Believe In Tiger!” Jesus brought Lazarus back to life. Sin spiritually kills and only Christ’s sacrificial blood can cover (forgive) our sin. Only Jesus can give us a future and a hope for an eternal glory with Him: “Jesus said to him, I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6).

What are you striving for this Easter? Is it to gain something in this world that is only temporary, or how are you striving to gain your own soul for all of eternity? Whichever is the case for you, I pray you, me, and Tiger…Pay attention to the “buts” in our life. We may accomplish much, and maybe even everything in this world, but………

About Ron

I am a layperson with 35 yrs. of teaching Sunday School, bible studies, and preaching on occasion. I teach a bible study in a local prison. I am a 36 yr. counselor/social worker. I am disabled and have devoted the past four years to studying, praying, and writing about my greatest love; this gospel of Jesus Christ that has the power to save a man's soul. I also write devotions for a Church in Marion, VA and I write for an orphanage/ministry in Zambia, Africa.

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