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What Power He Holds in His Hands

Think of everything our hands do.  Some hands create beautiful art with a paintbrush, others prepare delicious foods that bring others joy, and some take yards of fabric and turn them into lovely dresses or fine suits. Whatever someone’s hands can create, God is the Giver of the gifts that flow through those hands to bless others.

I’ve never been able to sew beyond the occasional button replacement or small embroidery kit, but my grandmother was an excellent seamstress. She taught her three daughters to sew when they were girls, and I was often the recipient of one of their creations. My aunt embroidered flowers in beautiful colors on the t-shirts and denim tops she gave us as gifts, making them unique.  Mom would sit at her Singer Sewing Machine and whip up clothes for our Barbie dolls while we played at her feet, trying the new clothes on Barbie as she finished. My grandmother made teddy bears and dolls to give her eight granddaughters at Christmas, working tirelessly in her large sewing room filled with mod 1970’s fabrics and little bobbins wound with threads in every pastel color.

I am amazed at what the women in my life have been able to create with their hands, but even more amazing are the Hands of God—Hands that created everything with sacred power hidden from our eyes:

His splendor was like the sunrise; rays flashed from his hand, where his power was hidden. Habakkuk 3:4

Think of all the things that flow through God’s Hands and into our lives: beautifully painted sunsets over the oceans, trees that bud pink flowers, and later in the season, ruby-red leaves, and the most precious miracle of all–a new baby knit together in secret.  Understanding how much God loves us as displayed in His beautiful creation makes it easier for us to trust in Him even in the most challenging of times, and should compel us to reach out with our own hands to show the love of God to others.

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  1. Lisa,
    I enjoyed reading these last 3 articles you have written! You have a great way of expressing God’s love for us through your stories and devotions!

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