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Time to Consider

“Michelle and I are getting a divorce,” Davey blurted. Suddenly, the pink elephant in the room was visible.

Pastor John took a deep, thoughtful breath. “Have you really thought this through, Davey?”

“Pastor, it’s the best move for both of us. Besides, the twins are young enough to adapt to the change. In time, they’ll see that Mommy and Daddy parted ways because it just needed to happen.”

“Hmm.” Pastor John clasped his hands together, and prayed for the Lord to give words of wisdom. “Well, for the sake of argument, give me two reasons why this is a good thing.”

“Fine, I can do that. Number one: I’m now a free man. I can go out with whoever I choose, and I’m not bound to one person anymore.” Davey nodded, clearly pleased with himself.

“Alright,” Pastor John countered. “Con number one: you’re now a free man. You now have to find someone compatible; someone who will have to commit time and effort into learning your ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’. Someone who may or may not be willing to sacrifice their wants and dreams to fulfill yours, like Michelle willing did. You have to find someone willing to be a mother to your twin daughters, yet accepting the fact that she will never truly replace their mother.”

Davey flinched, but quickly recovered. “Whatever. Reason number two: I can eat whatever I want, whenever I want. There won’t be any more of these stupid diets to follow.”

“Second Con: you can eat whatever you want, whenever you want. You won’t stick to a diet the way your wife has you doing now. Therefore, you high cholesterol and high blood pressure will kill you, effectively orphaning your young daughters.”

Davey’s lips were razor thin. He sat stoic, glaring at pastor John.

“Son, all I’m hearing from you are a bunch of selfish reasons for bailing on the covenant you and Michelle took before me, four years ago. Davey, marriage was instituted by God. If Satan can get you to walk away from your family, he’s not only won a great victory over you, but over your daughters and your wife as well.”

Davey shifted his gaze toward his feet. Pastor John crossed the room and sat in the turn next to him.

“Davey, marriage isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. But you have to fight for it, son. Nothing worth having will ever be easy. You’re forgetting all the behind-the-scenes acts your wife commits on behalf of your family. You’re listening to Satan. What if she’s simply trying to express all the things she and the girls need from you to feel safe and secure under your leadership? You’re the head of your household and your wife needs you to start acting like they are the most important people in your life.”

Davey cracked. A tear trickled down his cheek. Pastor John patted his knee.

“Son, I need you to take some time to consider that God wants you to fight for your marriage.”

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  1. Another great article, Ennis, as always. Too many couples have the wrong idea that since you love someone you don’t have to work at the relationship. Along with that, to some couples, love is nothing more than a feeling. They don’t realize that true love is an act of a person’s will. It should be “I CHOOSE to love you,” but too often it is “I don’t FEEL LIKE loving you any more.”

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