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I'm a former police officer and private investigator. Following my law enforcement career I studied for 2 years at seminary in Fort Worth, Texas (where I started writing) and drove a tour bus across USA and Canada for 9 years. I have 4 daughters and 9 grandchildren. At the present time I live in Indiana.

The Threshing Floor

“Threshing floor” is used at least 38 times in the Old Testament and twice in the New Testament (Matt 3:12, Luk 3:17). Something that’s mentioned that many times would signify some degree of importance, wouldn’t you think? So, my first question when God revealed this to me was; what is ...

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Nehemiah 8 & 9 The professor was teaching from the book of Nehemiah. I had been reading ahead of him because he was boring me. He was expounding on the facts of who wrote the book; when was it written; why was it written – facts, facts, facts. I was ...

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