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Sex and the Christian Teen

To take the attitude that Christian teens in a dating relationship are not in a morally dangerous situation is to turn a blind eye to human nature and to do a disservice to those we are expected to teach and guide. Wrong Assumptions Attending church, reading the Bible, knowing the ...

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The Resurrection

There seems to be a great debate over the time frame that the Bible says Jesus was in the tomb.  If you research this issue, you will find some conflicting answers.  In one of his books, Max Lucado says that the Jews consider any part of a day as one ...

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Puzzle Pieces

In the nearly 20 years I had known my friend she had spent at least half of that searching and hoping for someone to share her life with.  As is normal for this situation, she dated many losers.  I had lost track of her around 10 years ago.  One day ...

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