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A Little Leaven

When it comes to choosing to indulge in a little entertainment, it sometimes seems that, as a Christian, there is very little to choose from.  It’s true that sometimes it takes a little more effort and a little less complacency to find appropriate subject matter, but it can be done.  ...

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Lord, Why Did You Delay?

If you had been here…It’s the cry of believers everywhere – a cry that echoes through time since the beginning.  It echoes down the shiny tiled corridors of the hospital, around the empty chair at the dinner table and amongst beautiful bouquets around the grave site.  It never ceases – ...

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Now That I Know Better

Friends, for those who don’t know, is a sitcom about six friends living in New York City.  The show’s writers were masters of comedy, to be sure.  The show is extremely funny and entertaining.  I used to watch it quite often.  I am also an avid reader, and two of ...

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God Amazes Me

God constantly surprises me.  No matter how many times I see Him move or have a prayer answered, I am amazed every time.  Last Sunday in church He did it again.  On our way to church, I told my husband something I knew he was not going to like.  I ...

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