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Christian Portrayal in Films

The problem with Christian entertainment in general, but movies specifically, is how Christians are portrayed, not only in secular offerings, but also in Christian ones.  In secular movies, Christians are often portrayed as a caricature, like the so-called “holy roller.”  These characters include the effeminate male or the hysterical antics ...

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Giving all for the Family

When Dad was just starting out in business, with a growing family to feed and clothe, he put in long days to show his boss that he was a dependable, hard worker.  The pay wasn’t great, but someday he hoped he would rise through the ranks into a management position.  ...

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Faith and the Family – The Wayward Child

It’s a Christian parent’s greatest fear that their children will walk away from the faith when they are older.  I have seen this in my own church.  Our youth group is definitely on fire for God.  I have been in this church for ten years and it was a thriving ...

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Secular Music and the Christian

The question is often asked, should Christians listen to secular music?  We know that all we do should be filtered through the lens of God’s Word.  It is a light unto our path that shines before us so that we will not stumble.  Obviously the Bible does not forbid listening ...

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