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Talking Veggies!

Seems like the whole world is talking about the Disney movie, “Frozen.” I believe every child knows who Anna and Elsa is. Then there is “Ninja Turtles;” four teenage mutant ninja turtles trained to fight bad guys. Other secular T.V. shows include Phineas and Ferb, Uncle Grandpa, Shake It Up, and one favored by many, Pokemon.While these films may be family oriented, they don’t all depict good values. The absence of curse-words doesn’t equal the presence of good ethics. These motion pictures fall short in promoting and developing the strong Christian values our children need. Thank God for programs like “VeggieTales!”

“If you like to talk to tomatoes
If a squash can make you smile
If you like to waltz with potatoes
Up and down the produce aisle…
Have we got a show for you!”

Most kids will agree that vegetables are not their favorite. But these veggies mentioned in the above excerpt from the VeggieTales’ theme song may very well become their favorites. This children’s T.V. series is based on talking vegetables who teaches Christian morals and values through biblical principles. Yet, it unfolds with just enough pop culture to make it relevant, applicable, and humorous. I love to see those historic Bible stories illustrated with such a modern twist.

VeggieTales was created by Phil Vischer and Mike Nawrocki, who are also the voices behind many of the characters. The very first episode debut all the way back in 1993, and it has been delivering meaningful life lessons to children ever since. “VeggieTales In The House” is a wholesome new series offered exclusively on Netflix. However, regular VeggieTales episodes air on other channels, including Christian broadcasting networks such as TBN and Smile of a Child.

“Those who say they live in God should live their lives as Jesus did.” (1 John 2:6) This Bible verse does not only apply to adults, but children too. Children ought to be encouraged to choose their means of entertainment with care. Paying attention to their amusement is just as influential as praying and attending church. They too need to fill their minds with the things that are of God so they can grow in His presence.

Unhealthy motion pictures promote self-praise, sexual immoralities, materialism, and violence. But there’s still a handful of wholesome kids television programs. If you’re looking for a great TV show to occasionally entertain your children–that’s not only fun and education but faith-based as well, VeggieTales is the show of choice. Each episode ends with “God made you special, and He loves you very much.”

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Amelia Brown is from the beautiful island of Jamaica. She is a 28 year old Guidance Counselor by profession, but a passionate writer at heart. Most of her articles written are aimed at stimulating positive change under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. She is also a published poet and a member of Faithwriters. Outside of writing, she enjoys volunteering, cooking, and turning frowns right side up. Amelia currently lives in New York.

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  1. The girls and I just watched the latest one on Netflix.

  2. That’s great Lindsey… They have 5 episodes already on, and I have only one left to go in order to complete watching all 5! I love those lil veggies

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