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Drawing Nearer


“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you” (James 4:8 NKJV)

Creating a luscious fruitful paradise for the first human beings, God commanded Adam and Eve saying, “Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat; but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat” (Gen 2:16-17). Dismally, the couple broke His one and only rule—which He warned would kill them (spiritually). They digressed far away.

Then as now, disobedience severs heartwarming intimacy with God. Furthermore, Adam and Eve’s sin not only blocked fellowship with Father God, it contaminated the whole world. In like manner, the Old Covenant’s dispensation rendered remoteness. Even the High Priest entered the Holy of holies once a year, while others remained at bay. But hallelujah! Aren’t we overjoyed because redemption existed before Eden’s tragedy, opening an (only) Way to God?

From the splendor of heaven, reconciling the world to Himself, God provided salvation through a sinless Lamb’s atoning blood sacrifice. His Son died for you and me. Grasping the importance of Christ’s sacrifice, we understand this opens a door of reconciliation “But now in Christ Jesus, you who were once [so] far away, through (by, in) the blood of Christ have been brought near” (Ephesians 2:13 Amp). Therefore, we’re granted an undeserved, welcomed, privileged entrance to the very throne-room on high, finding merciful help in time of need (Hebrews 4:16). More than that, the powerful presence of Jesus establishes peace in our hearts, eradicating fear and shame.

Dear friend, God’s wrath should have been ours but poured out upon Jesus instead. Truthfully, we owe a debt we cannot pay and He paid a debt He did not owe. A ghastly crucifixion marred Messiah beyond human recognition (Isaiah 52:14) that we might live with Him. Forever.

Oh, gracious loving Father, forgive us when we stand far away from You because of sinful pride. You desire lasting fellowship, longing to heal spiritual leprosy. You allowed Christ’s death that removed the veil, so we may freely sit in Your lap, hug Your neck, kiss Your feet and fall asleep each night in the safety of Your tender arms.

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  1. “Dear friend, God’s wrath should have been ours but poured out upon Jesus instead.”

    Today at church, a song we were singing brought tears to my eyes. I wish I could remember it verbatim, but it went something like …

    ‘I will never know how much it cost to see my sin up on the cross.’

    Great writing, great message!

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