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Fear: A Treasure?


Often, this is what fear is:  something vague, somewhere in the distance, something deceptive that seems so real to our emotions.   We fear the very thought of so many dreadful things that could happen, though most will never materialize. The thought “what if” often brings with it fears limited only by our imagination.  This type of fear could be described in many ways: debilitating, controlling, sickening, to name a few … But have you ever heard anyone describe fear as a treasure? God does!

And He will be the security and stability of your times,
a treasure of salvation, wisdom and knowledge;
the fear of the Lord is your treasure.
Isaiah 33:6

Fear towards God is a good thing! This fear is described as reverence, respect, and trust towards a God Who keeps His promises! It is a fear that keeps  us from every kind of trap and provides security and stability in an uncertain world—this is the treasure. It’s not a treasure in the world’s sense of riches or fame, but it is wisdom and knowledge from God and the security and stability of His salvation. It is the only treasure that lasts. This biblical fear even plays a part in leading the sinner to the cross of Christ.

In our world today, fear of God is an unpopular idea. Perhaps this is due in part to our misunderstanding of what fear towards God means. We must remember that it is not like so many fears that we face in life, but it is that reverence for, and respect and trust of our Creator Who keeps us safe and gives us true life. Consider one of the many promises to those who fear Him:

If you respect the Lord, you and your children have   a strong fortress   and a life-giving fountain that keeps you safe from deadly traps. Proverbs 14: 26-27

What fears do you struggle to overcome? Will you look to God for help today?  Will you focus  on the fear of the Lord, Who promises to deliver you?

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