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Fulfill Your Purpose

It is a phrase tossed about rather lightly:  made in the image of God.  Pausing to think about what this really means is an adventure not to be missed.  It has the potential to change how we look at ourselves and others; it has the power to transform our relationships…and our world!  Let’s journey into the beauty for a bit!

First, consider the image we resemble:  The eternal Creator who speaks and things become;  the divine, all-powerful One who is gentle, kind and humble; the pure holy God who patiently loves and forgives.  On our own, that image becomes deformed.   We need help, and Jesus gave it!  Join Paul in saying, “Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!”  Christ spoke of the gift, too:  “I have given them the glory you have given me…”  John 17:22.  God designed us to receive that glory–and understanding our design helps us receive our gift!

When God created man from the dust of the earth, He breathed His very Spirit into man to give life.  Theologians describe our human being as three-fold:  body, soul, and spirit; we reflect the trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  That glory that Jesus restores to believers is the Holy Spirit.  The human spirit is the portion of our being that has the potential to receive that glory.  It is our spirit, that breath of God, that allows us to commune with the glory of God.  Humanity alone has that privilege!

God’s purpose for humanity was, is and always will be fellowship with Himself.  With the first act of disobedience in the Garden of Eden, though, the human spirit lost its link to the Holy Spirit; it collapsed within us. From that point on, the soul and the body began to battle for control of our lives.  The human spirit remains within, waiting for the filling that will restore us to our purpose.

The human spirit continues to work without the Glory but it takes its direction from our physical bodies and souls.  They direct us–right into trials and troubles–because there are ways that seem right to man but they are the ways of death!  The economy of God is upside down to our earthly nature:  love your enemies, forgive, die to self…but those are the way to life.   Until we surrender our earthly nature to God, the work of Christ leaves the Holy Spirit an unopened gift in our lives.

When His glory powers our being; when the Spirit of God reconnects with our spirit and governs our lives, His image becomes visible!  Our souls are the artistic medium God uses to express Himself in unique and beautiful ways.  We can only become all He designed us to be when His image is allowed to permeate all of who we are.

So, as you look in the mirror, ask God for eyes that see His image in you.  Ask for His glory that will develop you into all you are designed to be.  As you look at others, ask God to give you His eyes to see what treasures He longs to be revealed in them.  Let His Glory fill you and touch others that they will long for His Glory to fill and guide them.

Made in His Image is a truth that transforms.

About Billie Jo

Billie Jo is wife to Craig and mom to Rusty and Riesa. Formerly employed in the human service industry, the past fifteen years have been dedicated to homeschooling. She is a freelance writer for a number of print and internet publications. She is also passionate about serving in the community. She works in a GED preparation ministry and a community-based servant program that provides opportunities for youth to serve others. It is passion for the love of Jesus and His transforming work that motivates her writing and serving. "I love to see God at work in the lives of others and this is the way I see best."

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