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Got an Enemy? Let God Win the Battle for You!

Has there been a time when you would have welcomed a mighty force coming to your aid and defeating an enemy? We all feel the need for rescue at one time or another, and we all face enemies in many forms:  the people who seek to do us harm, afflictions or addictions, attacks of the emotions or mental state. Yes, enemies are all around …

God is in the business of fighting the enemies of those who love and serve Him. Let’s look at how He challenges the enemies of His own. In Psalm 18, He hears the voice of those who belong to Him, calling on Him to rescue. He shakes the whole earth with His response to the one in need. His anger even shakes the mountains; His voice is as hailstones and coals of fire. He bows the very heavens as He comes down to where His beloved waits for His deliverance. He is quick as the wind  in His response.  The mighty, roaring ocean waters part at His Word, exposing their bed of sand. He reaches from on high to deliver the one who loves Him. In the end, the enemy is no match for God—He wins every battle.

Now let’s look at who God delivers, in the same Psalm. This person pleases God because of their integrity and their sincerity—they are honest with God. Instead of departing from His ways, they obey His Word to the best of their ability. Not a perfect person, but one who wants to please God with their life. They strive to be free from sin—and in God’s sight their hands are clean. They are kind and merciful, living in humility. They depend on Him.

When we face an enemy, our first response is to defend ourselves. We may do this in different ways, but the result is the same in the end—we are left feeling defeated instead of victorious. But if we are wise, we will realize the truth of our need for God. We will trust in His deliverance and we will give every situation we face over to Him …

Take time this week to read and consider all of Psalm 18. Then, when trials come you will be ready to call on the One Who wins the battle for you!

Are you living in humility and kindness, obeying God’s Word with His help? Do you believe that God hears you and will deliver you from enemies of every kind? Will you let God fight your battles and trust in His timing?

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