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Mercy Is Jesus

‘Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.’ Matthew 5:7(NIV)

We often hear, and say, the words, ‘Lord, have mercy on me!’ And at the time we say them, or think them, we are usually in a state of either irritation or extreme stress.

But do we really understand what those words mean? Do we even truly get the meaning of the word mercy?

According to The Free Dictionary, the word mercy is defined as: compassionate treatment, especially of those under ones power; clemency; a disposition to be kind and forgiving; something for which to be thankful; a blessing; alleviation of distress; relief.

Mercy is a form of grace from God Himself. He brings it to us when we least expect it, but when we most need it. He does not withhold it, and He does not set up rules and regulations of how we may receive it. He simply gives it.

We, as Christians, can have mercy even when we do not deserve it. We can be at the lowest point of our lives, to the point of having walked off from our faith, and yet when we hit the floor on our knees, and cry out to a holy God, He hears from Heaven and He sends…mercy.

Jesus was sent to us, to this world, as propitiation for the sins of man. Forgiveness came into the world in a new and amazing way. It is difficult to wrap our human minds around the fact that God had this perfect plan, and a major part of it was Jesus living among us. His assignment was to bring light and hope to a dying world. And the most wonderful thing happened. Forgiveness of our sins, of our iniquities, was offered to each of us who would believe on Him. Once we believe, He offers us that wonderful gift called mercy.

Mercy is not limited to Christians. When Jesus knocks on the door of the hearts of non-believers, when He reaches down and touches a heart, it’s an act of mercy. Forgiveness is right behind, just waiting to refresh and restore.

We are saved by grace. Pure and simple. We are not saved by the law, we are not saved by good works.  God delivers the mercy, the forgiveness of sin, His favor, the light that brightens our path. Grace is something we cannot obtain on our own, it is only by God’s intention. And it is when we surrender all to Him, through His Son, Jesus Christ, that grace ushers us into the kingdom of God, both here and in Heaven above, for all eternity.

Mercy. A small word, but it is one of power and love. When we show mercy to someone, we affirm their value.  Mercy encourages, and uplifts. Mercy is love, and gives hope. Mercy brings relief from heartache. Mercy is Jesus.

‘But I have trusted in Your mercy; My heart shall rejoice in Your salvation. I will sing unto the LORD, Because He has dealt bountifully with me.’ Psalm 13:5-6 (NKJV)


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