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Search for the Silver Lining

“ … for I am the Lord, who heals you.” Exodus 15:26b

Are you still searching for the silver lining?

It’s an old saying, one we often toss out glibly, hoping it’s true, not putting much stock in “fate.” But we are not victims of “fate.” As Christians our faith in the One True God should carry us through, buoy us up on hope, no matter the bitterness of our circumstance.

Recently, the Holy Spirit gave me a fresh look at a familiar name of God. Perhaps you’ve met Jehovah Rapha. We’ve often heard it simply defined as: The Lord Your Healer. However, a close look at the first time this name was used, gives us a deeper understanding of its meaning.

When the Israelites were three days into their journey away from Egypt and slavery, they found themselves in a barren desert, in a place called Marah. Desperate with thirst, they quickly tried to refresh themselves with water, but it was so bitter they could not drink it. Immediately, as most of us would, they began to complain.

Moses turned to God. He cried out with frustration, no doubt thirst and helplessness. God showed Moses a piece of wood and instructed him to throw it into the water and it would become drinkable. Moses obeyed; God kept His word.

In the wake of this miracle, God told the people to obey Him always, keep His commands and to pay attention to Him. If they did so, He would protect them from disease. Then He said: “for I am the Lord, who heals you.”

The word for “healer” is rapha. The meaning of rapha implies the remover of bitterness.

Are you still searching for the silver lining—the sweetness hidden behind the bitterness of painful circumstance? Turn to Jehovah Rapha.

What bitter circumstance are you facing? What bitterness do you want Jehovah Rapha to remove?

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