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Stopping The Bullying: A Story To Warm Your Heart

Many kids are bullied at school, to and from home, and over the internet. Their days at school are miserable. It has become such a huge problem that some victims of this unjust and mean action have committed suicide. Unless students are taught how to stand up to it, or someone intervenes, it continues. Bullying at one high school was put to a stop in an unusual way.

Queen Creek High School in Arizona has a special needs student who often came home crying every day. Students threw trash at her. They made fun of her brain disorder known as Microcephaly, which results in having a small, undersized head and a shortened life of only 25 to 30 years.

The girl’s mom wanted to know the names of the kids who were bullying her daughter. The school has a very popular quarterback, so she contacted him to see if he knew who they might be. She got more than she expected. The quarterback talked to several of his team members and they started eating lunch with the girl. They also began keeping a watchful eye on her while she was at school.

This high school has an undefeated football team, but now this girl is also undefeated by bullying. The harassment has stopped because several others cared enough to do something about it. These guys on the football team didn’t care what others thought when eating lunch with a special needs student.

From a spiritual perspective we are all people with special needs. We have a need to be loved and accepted. We may  look normal on the outside with no brain disorder, but the Bible says we all have a “sin disorder.” God, however,  came down to our level through his son, Jesus. He will accept you the way you are and “have lunch with you,” if no one else will. He will protect you from the big bully, the devil, and will watch over you moment by moment. Find out how you can have a personal relationship with Jesus by clicking on the salvation button.

About John Clark

John Livingston Clark is 74 years of age and lives in central Washington State. He has written two published books, and two published poems. His initial book is called, " God's Healing Hope: Breaking the Strongholds of Wrong Thinking." His second book, released in December of 2016, is a motivational book written to seniors titled, " Seniors: Are You Retiring or Recharging?" Both books are available on amazon. You can also view his writings on www.faithwriters.com. His “Poem For Senior Citizens” is in the 5th spot on FW.

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  1. Love this! Love what these kids did, and how you showed Jesus as our ultimate bully fighter!

  2. This story brought tears to my eyes. The depth of cruelty some children can reach is disturbing. To hear of the others reaching this level of kindness definitely warms the heart.

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