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The Last Call

I heard of a man who pulled into a gas station to fill his vehicle full of gas; the young gas attendant came to meet the needs of the driver. The Lord put the burden on the driver’s heart to share Jesus with the young man. The burden grew heavier on the man’s heart as he sat in his car. He gave into to his fear and said nothing to the gas attendant about Jesus. The next day the driver heard that the young attendant was killed in a motorcycle accident.

The man for years experienced extreme guilt knowing the Lord was speaking to him in that instance to share the gospel with the young man.

“And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” Acts 2:21

Truly we may be the last call to an unbeliever that God is reaching out to draw that person into His glorious Kingdom. Our sharing or not sharing the gospel with them could be the last call in eternity for them. Look at it this way Heaven or Hell could literally be at stake in their lives.

We miss the prompting of the Holy Spirit; God will forgive us and He will not condemn us and in turn we cannot condemn ourselves for the rest of our years here on earth. I lay no guilt or condemnation on any Christian who may have experienced the “last call” circumstance in their lives. I am admonishing the Body of Christ to be sensitive to the voice of the Spirit in their daily lives.

Think about it from another perspective-God prompts you to share Jesus with the waiter serving your meal at that precise moment. You obey and the waiter or waitress accepts Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior! Their shift ends and they head out the door to go home. Except they never make it home because they were hit by a car or they were in a fatal auto accident. Now because of your obeying the Lord’s voice they will spend forever in God’s presence.

So you see God leads us to the right person in the right place for His “last call” and He will supply the anointing and boldness we need to get the job done. So move on in Christ!

Have you ever experienced a “last call” moment?

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  1. I had a dear friend Jerry for over thirty years and we would go to their house every Saturday night and visit and play dice. We would spend vacations together and being so close his kids call me uncle . Well he got cancer and was losing weight and couldn’t eat food and it wasn’t long he was skin and bones . He let me no when we first met he wanted nothing to do with religion as he knew I was a Christian . I respected his wishes and never preached to him . Well 2012 just before Christmas We went into a room so we could talk as all the kids were there and he told me . It wont be long and he will be dead as he doesn’t want to live anymore . I felt God telling me this is your last chance to witness to Jerry . I told Jerry I was sorry for not being a true friend to him and he said you have been . I said no I should of told about Jesus along time ago and asked him to forgive me . I quoted the Bible to him about being born again and how much Jesus loves him. I told him you can do this here in this room as he didn’t want to go to church . He said hell think about it and I and my wife went home . His daughter called me New Years eve and told me to come over as Jerry wasn’t going to live long . I held his hand and told my good byes as he lay there lifeless and nonresponsive . His daughter told me Uncle Loren I want you to no dad told me last night he is ready too go to Heaven now. I cried with joy and the burden was lifted as I knew Jerry was going to Heaven now .

  2. Thanks Greg, for this very important reminder. When the Holy Spirit “calls” we should not just let it go to voice mail. We should take the call and then share the message with the intended recipient. – We have no way of knowing just how urgent it is for them to hear the message at that particular moment.

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