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What If Jesus Was Never Born?

What would your life be like if Jesus was never born?
What would the world be like if Jesus was never born?

Those are two questions that I once heard and it made me reflect on how life could be radically different. It made me wonder what my own life would look like if Jesus had not been born.

I thought they were great questions because we often think about how great God’s love is. But how many of us have thought about the possibility of the absence of Jesus? I sure haven’t because too often I take Him for granted. I rest on the safety that He was born and how He showed the world a love that was life changing.

Without his love and his presence here on Earth I’m not so sure I would be where I’m at, saved. And I certainly wouldn’t have the purpose that I have today. Further, I wouldn’t know what speaking boldly looks like. I wouldn’t know what forgiveness looks like. Most importantly, I wouldn’t know what love really is.

If Jesus hadn’t been born I wouldn’t of seen my Grandma stand firm on her belief in Him and what He does for us. She is the first person I knew that had a real relationship with Jesus. It wasn’t because she cited scripture. She had a deep love and trust in him that I don’t think many people saw.

I saw how He affected her and that affected me.

Once I was saved I also saw other Christians love me in a way that I was not use to. My definition of love did not fit into how gracious they treated me. Without Jesus these people wouldn’t of known the kind of life to emulate. Without these loving people knowing Jesus I wouldn’t of known Him either. It was because of his love in them that I saw what true love was.

And without love we don’t know what real hope is. This hope is only found in Jesus and He was born to reconcile people with God.

I can’t imagine what hope would look like without Jesus. We wouldn’t have new testament scripture to read and understand what truth is. We would still be living in an old testament mindset, thinking we were doing good or attempting to live righteously enough yet pointing the finger in judgment towards our neighbor.

If Jesus was not born:

We would not know that his grace is sufficient (2 Corinthians 12:9).

We would not know that we can be forgiven of the most horrendous sin (1 John 1:9).

We would not know that we are heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ (Romans 8:17).

Jesus wasn’t meant to stay here for a long time but his life changed the world. We saw this intense love and forgiveness for others who didn’t deserve it, an extreme love for his father, and the way he allowed himself to be sacrificed on a cross so he could spend eternity with us in Heaven.

Can you imagine a world that never had the chance to be reconciled back with God?

About Sarah Malcangi

Sarah loves Jesus and is unashamed to tell the world about His truth and bold love! Her purpose is to encourage others to seek the truth as they pursue who they are in Christ. She is also a Mom and feels blessed to call Colorado her home.

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